Find out more about guardianship and understand the law with the help of Jason Cook

Guardianship is the granting of an individual the legal right and obligation to make decisions and take personal care of another person. By obtaining guardianship you will have the ability to protect the health and quality of life for an incapacitated individual.

There are several types of guardianships and reasons for obtaining them including:

  • A person has an inability to care for themselves due to mental or physical constraints
  • A person lacks the ability to communicate decisions for themselves
  • Advanced age, chronic substance use or other causes lead to an individual’s lack of sufficient understanding or capacity to make responsible decisions and life choices

Turn to Jason Cook for help navigating through the confusing process of obtaining guardianship.

Our experienced staff has been serving the Las Vegas Valley since 2002. We are prepared to assist with all of your guardianship needs. We can also help with workers compensation and name change cases.

Expect to be treated like family when you turn to the friendly staff at Jason Cook to handle all of your legal needs. We will provide the efficient, effective, and affordable service you deserve.

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